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For General Contractors

With over 30 million square feet of tensile membrane installed over the past 55 years, Birdair construction professionals have developed many of the means and methods used in the industry today.

We continue to innovate the installation process by developing new methods, equipment and tools to provide the highest quality finished product more safely and more efficiently.  Since 1956, Birdair has continuously advanced the art of tensile construction, including hydraulics and tensioning equipment as well as specialty rigging.

Our projects are supported by fully staffed project management, design, construction, safety, logistics and service departments to handle any aspect of a project whether it’s a small entrance shade structure, walkway canopies at an airport or a stadium roof system.  Our staff superintendents are located around the country with over 100 years of combined experience. As highly skilled and certified rope access technicians and ironworkers, Birdair’s site superintendents perform work both domestically and internationally. Birdair’s construction team is compliant with both the Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the US Department of Transportation (DOT) programs.  Some of the key certifications they hold are SPRAT (Society of Profession Rope Access Technicians), IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and STS (Safety Trained Supervisor).

During the pre-construction phase of a project, construction methodologies are developed to help better understand the projects overall installation methods.  Site specific health and safety plans are developed by Birdair’s Safety and Construction Management Team to integrate Birdair’s standard policies and procedures with the specific hazards of the work-site, the requirements of the General Contractor and all requirements of the Federal, State and Local Authorities.

Birdair offers clients a wealth of post-project resources and assistance. Click here for more information on Birdair’s complete range of customer services and support.

Birdair has the experience, expertise and leadership necessary to construct simple or complex structures on high profile jobsites. More than 1,500 projects worldwide exemplify Birdair’s custom designs, craftsmanship and quality of work. Whether we provide a full service design/ build solution or work with your general contractor or construction manager, we recognize the importance of taking a cooperative approach to building structures we can be proud of while also building lasting relationships with our clients. Lastly, reference and recommendation letters on previous projects are available upon request.