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Beloved Shreveport Park to be Enhanced with Birdair canopy

Beloved Shreveport Park to be Enhanced with Birdair canopy

The crowds of devoted fans, who regularly gather at Riverview Park in Shreveport, Louisiana to cheer on their favorite local bands, will soon enjoy their experience with a visually stunning Birdair tensile membrane structure.

Published: January 07, 2015

The crowds of devoted fans, who regularly gather at Riverview Park in Shreveport, Louisiana to cheer on their favorite local bands, will soon enjoy their experience with a visually stunning Birdair tensile membrane structure. The owner, Red River Waterway Commission, and the general contractor, Carter Construction Co., Inc., have contracted with Birdair to design, fabricate and install a custom open-air canopy for the amphitheater which overlooks Red River. The 4,550 square foot hypar-shaped, PTFE membrane canopy will enhance the view to the river stage backdrop and will provide both weather protection and shading for the park stage.

Riverview Park is a beautiful, well-known and well-loved park in Shreveport. The iconic Rose Plaza features 35-foot tall steel roses along a 300-foot long floating dock. On any given summer day, children’s laughter echoes through the 200-foot water plaza, as dozens of children splash in cascading waterfalls or attempt to dodge  mini geysers shooting skyward through 105 water jets. Soon, guests will also enjoy a variety of performances at the amphitheater covered by a dramatic Birdair canopy.

 “The new tensile membrane canopy will complement the beauty that Riverview Park provides. We’re confident that guests will love the new addition to the park space,” said Michele Roth, Business Development Manager for Birdair, Inc.

The Birdair Advantage

The leading specialty contractor for custom tensile membrane structures around the world, Birdair was selected for this project because of its expertise and its innovative and beautiful PTFE fiberglass membrane architectural structures. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a Teflon®* coated woven fiberglass membrane that is extremely durable and weather resistant. The new canopy will not only offer a signature look to the amphitheater but will also provide performers with much needed protection from the hot Louisiana sun. Birdair will work in concert with Kevin Bryan Architect, LLC and Carter Construction Co., Inc. to complete the project efficiently while providing a high quality end product.

Providing Weather Protection  

Birdair’s PTFE fiberglass membranes can be installed in climates ranging from the frigid arctic to the scorching desert heat, with a project life in some cases exceeding 30 years. The PTFE coating is chemically inert and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. It is also completely immune to dangerous UV radiation. This unique combination of inertness, thermal stability and surface properties make Birdair’s PTFE-coated fabric membrane ideal for projects requiring weather and fire resistance.

Providing a Signature Design

Few products in the commercial building products industry can compare to the attractiveness of a tensioned fabric structure. Birdair’s solutions can literally transform an amphitheater into a first-class entertainment destination by providing a unique and dramatic look which creates an upbeat and positive mood that appeals to visitors and enhances their experience.

Providing a Sustainable Solution

Fabric structures are not only visually appealing but also environmentally sensitive and economically competitive. Lightweight membrane structures provides a cost-effective solution  requiring  less structural steel to support the roof or façade and enabling long spans of column-free space. In addition, membrane offers building owners reduced construction and maintenance costs compared to traditional building materials.

It also adds to energy cost savings as well.  PTFE fiberglass is Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council certified. During scientific tests of its solar properties, it was discovered that PTFE fiberglass membranes reflect as much as 73 percent of the sun’s energy while holding just seven percent on its exterior surface. Certain grades of PTFE fiberglass can absorb 14 percent of the sun’s energy while allowing 13 percent of natural daylight and 7 percent of re-radiated energy (solar heat) to transmit through the membrane.

*Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Delaware.

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