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Brillia Running Stadium

Brillia Running Stadium
Brillia Running Stadium
Brillia Running Stadium
Brillia Running Stadium
Brillia Running Stadium
First ETFE Film Project on a Large Scale Roof in Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Fabric Type: 
Market Sector: 
Stadiums & Arenas
Project Size: 
19,000 sq.ft.
Tokyo Gas Site Development Co, Ltd
Completion Date: 

This facility with the length of 108m, is constructed by assembling gambrel shaped frame continuously. Japanese larch laminated lumber, produced in Nagano prefecture, with the thickness of 12.8mm is used as frame unit of main structure. Press machine with a special tool is used instead of bending machine, so that 4 frames can be produced at one time. By making the frame arched shape, 2 frames compose diamond shapes. Gambrel shaped frame is formed by connecting these units with metal fittings.

ETFE Film with double layered cushion with air supplied inside is adopted for the roof. Span can be wider by using cushion type, while keeping tension and resistance for snow and wind. This is a tubeshaped structure with 2m of narrow side and 11m of half arch (only gable span is an entire arch). Thickness of cushion is approximately 400mm at the center. This is a very light weighted and safe roof with less than 1kg / 1m2.

Brillia Running Stadium is the first project in Japan to adopt ETFE film on large scale roof. Owing to a success of this project, it is estimated that amendment of legal regulation will be promoted. We hope that this facility becomes one of triggers for ETFE to be prevailed all over Japan.

Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium is an entirely new type of facility, having a concept for anyone to enjoy sports and art, which has running tracks of 60m and adjustment room of artificial legs for competition use. Xiborg Inc., where artificial legs’ engineer Dr. Ken Endo acts as CEO, is based in this facility in order to offer trainings for handicapped top athletes as well as to develop artificial legs for competition use. It also contributes to vitalize and improve local community through sports.