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Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa Stadium
World Cup Venue to Feature Birdair’s PTFE Membrane, ETFE Film and Tensotherm™ - Insulated Tensioned Membrane
Doha, Qatar
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Stadiums & Arenas
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Dar Al-Handasah
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In order to host some of the world’s most anticipated events, world-class stadiums require expertise in design and use of top-of-the-line products. With more than five decades of experience, Birdair is the leading specialty contractor for tensile membrane structures throughout the world, and its stadium portfolio is unrivaled. Based upon this wealth of experience, including expertise using world class products, Taiyo Middle East, a Birdair subsidiary, was selected to provide the design, fabrication, supply, and installation of the membrane roofing system for the renovation of Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, which has been named a 2022 FIFA World Cup™ venue. 

Match-Winning Renovation

With Projacs serving as the project manager and Dar Al-Handasah as the design consultant, the renovated stadium will have a unique, modern design and aesthetic, containing a combination of three major product lines for the roof system: PTFE fiberglass membrane, single ETFE film and Tensotherm™, a translucent insulated tensioned membrane system.  Birdair will provide the design, fabrication and supply of all three membranes.  The majority of the roof system will feature approximately 500,000 square feet of PTFE fiberglass membrane.  An approximate 35,000 square foot portion of the south leading edge of the roof will utilize a single-layered ETFE film supported by a cable net. Lastly, another portion located on the lower edges near the compression ring will incorporate Birdair’s Tensotherm system in order to provide thermal performance. The installation of all three membrane systems will be performed by Birdair’s subsidiary, Taiyo Middle East, located in Dubai