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Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas
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Plaza Las Americas, a shopping mall in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, now features a custom tensile membrane structure.
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Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
Market Sector: 
Project Size: 
11,550 square feet
Interdisenos, Mexico City, Mexico
Plaza Las Americas by Citelis
Completion Date: 

Birdair, Inc fabricated the membrane as well as provided technical supervision during the installation. This true tension PTFE fiberglass membrane structure features a cable-supported "flying sails" design with supporting steel masts.

The PTFE fiberglass membrane roof covers the mall's outdoor food court and creates a unique focal point for the shopping destination. The structure can be seen from outside with the PTFE membrane sails jutting out from the second floor and extending over the mall's first floor terrace. The masts were a custom design and high strength cables were used to provide its characteristic shape creating an iconic look for the shopping mall and also the town of Morelia.

The tensile roof structure is made from 12,700 square-feet of PTFE, a Teflon®-coated woven fiberglass membrane. This provides shoppers with shade and protection from inclement weather. The natural daylighting effect of the membrane creates a comfortable atmosphere.

"An engineering challenge indeed, the flying sail design compliments the existing structure and makes a dramatic first impression to visitors and passersby," says Hector Perez, Business Development Manager for Birdair. "The PTFE material is easy to maintain and its translucency provides natural light for the space underneath."

Plaza Las Américas, known to locals as Espacio Las Américas, was the first fashion mall in the area. It is operated by Citelis, a real estate development company based in Morelia. Plaza Las Américas is supported by Cinepolis, the largest movie theater chain in Latin America with headquarters in Morelia. The structure honors the dedication and efforts of Cinepolis and Citelis to exalt the beautiful city of Morelia.

Construction Photos

Plaza Las Americas
Plaza Las Americas
Plaza Las Americas
Plaza Las Americas
Plaza Las Americas
Plaza Las Americas
Plaza Las Americas