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QingKou Sports Center

QingKou Sports Center
QingKou Sports Center Featuring a Large Scale ETFE Facade
QingKou, China
Fabric Type: 
Market Sector: 
Stadiums & Arenas
Project Size: 
100,000 sq.ft.
China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd
QingKou Small Towns & Cities
General Contractor: 
CSCEC Strait Construction and Development Co., Ltd
Completion Date: 

The stout cylinder-like shaped structures, which resemble engine cylinders, embodies the strong power and energy of the players and audiences within the gymnasium structures. The gymnasium and natatorium façade structures are clad with white ETFE cushions, as well as a PTFE membrane roof structure covering the connecting area between the two structures.

While the usual rise to span ratio of ETFE cushions are between 1/8 and 1/10, this project adopted an unusually large rise to span ratio of 1/6 for the outer layer of the ETFE cushion. A project challenge was the coordination and fabrication of the uniquely dimensioned cushions. Each cushion was fabricated according to the site measurement of the steel to ensure precise fitting. Appearing in similar shape, the cushions consisted of 80 differing dimensions with seven applied polyethylene ropes to achieve a stereoscopic effect.

The ETFE cushions were vertically lined as the structure's façade and could not be installed using scaffolding or racks, but instead required an aerial work platform.

Smooth coordination of material delivery, loading of mechanical equipment, and manpower allocation were essential to achieve the goal of completion within 3 months.

Special transportation was arranged for the ETFE cushions to match the installation speed, amounting to 5,000 square feet per day. In total, 160 ETFE cushions were installed in 50 days, making it one of the fastest installations of ETFE in the world.

The installation was conducted during the high temperature rainy season, which saw tow typhoons during the project construction. Engineers implemented emergency protection for the membrane surface against any rain and wind damage.

Installation was successfully completed through smooth coordination between internal divisions, resulting in an accident free site, and providing a finished product which met the high expectation of the client.

QingKou Sports Center
QingKou Sports Center
QingKou Sports Center
QingKou Sports Center
QingKou Sports Center